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REALM 47 is an Investment Property Brokerage assisting landlords with the sale of investment property and assisting investors with the procurement of investment properties. Having invested in and developed property since 2003, we have a vast amount of experience and specialist knowledge to help our clients throughout the whole process.

In most cases there are NO FEES for selling to us or through us!

We can help with tax efficient portfolio liquidation through various purchase structures and approaches.

At REALM 47 we purchase immediately or over a number of years providing an interim solution whereby we lease the property from you until the pre agreed date of purchase giving you a FIXED income from the property for a set period of time; with this structure we not only cover the costs of management and maintenance but we also remove the ongoing hassles associated with the management. This allows you to liquidate over time, with a solid plan for future income, capital releases and tax reduction.

If you are interested in liquidating now or in the next 5 years. Please contact us to arrange a meeting with our Managing Director Sara Newson.
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Phone: 01904 929112
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