Services and Education for Landlords in York

We know how difficult it can be to decide who to go to when managing your property. Our main aim is to help landlords in York, listen to their opinions, and generally make their jobs easier.

York Residential Landlords Association: A community of landlords in York

York Residential Landlords Association is a non-profit organisation, made up of landlords, letting agents, and prospective landlords in York. Our main aim is to help landlords, listen to their opinions, and generally make their jobs easier! We have a committee made up of landlords and people with property knowledge, who give up their time voluntarily, to ensure that the association is run professionally and done on a basis that focuses on benefits for our members. With an excellent relationship with the City of York Council, North Yorkshire Police and all of York’s academic institutions, including the University of York and York St John University, we are a centre-point in the housing community in York.

Why Join Us?

Access to a Directory of Recognised Service Providers and specialist trade discounts

As an organisation run by landlords, we know how difficult it can be to decide who to go to when managing your property. Even within one city, the number of business providing landlord services is immense. Especially for those new to the business, finding what will be right for you can be nothing less than intimidating. Our long list of recognised service providers covers a plethora of services which are specifically tailored to landlords in York and cut down the amount of time it takes you to find the right person for the job. Our providers cover everything from specialised legal services to landlord inventory services and will ensure that the job that you need doing is done right. We even give you access to our logo, for all your marketing needs.


Free Monthly presentations on topics of interest to landlords and investors

Another unique landlord service that we provide with is free education for our members. At York Residential Landlords Association, we hold monthly presentations to help to educate and engage our community of local landlords. These are generally with our recognised service providers, who deliver relevant, up-to-date information about property management, the property market, and life as a landlord. These events are in addition to access to a variety of seminars and courses at subsidised rates.

Another benefit is the opportunity to meet and network with other landlords in York. Our events allow you to meet like-minded people, connect across the community, and maybe even make a friend or two!

Financial Services

Undoubtedly, one of our most attractive services is our free tax insurance. The insurance covers investigation by Inland Revenue and ensures that you have professional representation in the case of enquiry into your accounts, no matter how pristine they may be! Additionally, we allow access for our landlords to low-cost contents, property, buildings, and property owners liability insurance. In short: our services have you covered for an array of property-related needs.

Help, advice, and belonging

Our network of over 500 landlords speaks for itself: as friendly, like-minded and community-driven people, there is always somebody within the association that will be willing to help you. Some of our landlords have a wealth of knowledge to share and have been in the property business for over 25 years. Equally, we have young, new landlords with fresh perspectives and new ideas to apply. No matter who you are, where you come from, or what your background is, the York Residential Landlords Association is here to help landlords in York.